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Wind Buy-Back Deductibles: A Creative Option

By Guy Waters, Senior Vice President, Clearwater Underwriters, Inc.

At a time when policyholders are facing higher premiums and a greater probability of hurricane damage, agents need as many tools as possible to assist their clients in having adequate coverage. One area that is especially of focus is wind deductibles. Retail agents have become all too familiar with the changes that insurance carriers have made concerning wind deductibles. Over the past several years, deductibles have reached higher levels that include deductibles of two percent, three percent, and five percent. Deductibles of seven and 10 percent are seen as well.

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Severe Weather Bulletin - Moratorium

During Hurricane Season, agents may not bind applications for new coverage or policy changes for increased coverage, regardless of effective date, when a tropical storm, hurricane watch or warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for any part of the state of Florida or the Southeast region of the United States.


Due to the Florida market conditions, we will no longer be writing mobile home dwelling policies in 2022.